Your ultimate payment solution

Maxpay brings together a complete line of solutions designed from the ground up
to help automate and manage payments for online business

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We are Secure

*PCI DSS* compliance level 1 V 3.1

In-house Anti-Fraud Solution Covery 2.0

Qualys and Ethoca Partner

Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code

We are International

32 banks-partners in USA, EU, Asia

130 currencies and 7 languages

Companies and partners from

49 jurisdictions


We are Experienced

We accept high and low risk projects

2 data centers in Europe and USA

Approximately 250 000 transactions processed per day


Want to create and handle any type of payment flow for your e-commerce business?

We provide a full range of online merchant services to help grow your business, go global and make payment processing even more efficient.

Get More Clients

Get More Clients

Get up and running fast. Choose the perfect plan from the billing models, banks and payment options offered by Maxpay's online payment gateway to start collecting revenue fast.

Process all major payment cards

Engage a wider target audience with the payment gateway that meets your needs.

Alternative payment tools

Provide cash-on-delivery alternatives for Customers using different online payment methods.

SMS payments

Allow your customers to pay directly from their mobile operator accounts

Customized invoicing

Create customized professional invoices to speed up the payment process

Boost Conversion Rate

Boost Conversion Rate

The faster you get paid, the more you have to sustain and grow your business. Build your market share and compete with existing e-commerce players with Maxpay payment processing tools

Retry logic

Attempt to charge a customer's payment again to successful complete their online payment.

Adapted seamless cross-platform payment page

The payment page automatically adjusts the screen to look right on any device, including mobiles and tablets.

Single-click payments

Enable your Customers to pay with just a single click.

Discount logic

Charge your customers less to successfully complete the transaction.

Transaction cascading

Real time transaction cascading for soft declines to the next best acquirer.

Flexible transaction routing

Allow customers to buy additional products from other Easily configure rules to route payments to the appropriate bank with the highest approval rates.

Ensure Higher Retention

Ensure Higher Retention

Provide the best service possible to your customers while staying compliant with regulations to help grow your online business. Maintain top quality service and manage your returns with the help of a wide range of merchant services.

Shared tokens

Customers can easily make payments with other web services with the same client authentication.

Strong analytical tools

Manage your relationship with your customers using advanced analytics available to each merchant account.

Recurring payments

Charge customers based on a scheduled agreement.

Seamless integration

Our payment page integration provides your Customers with organic User Experience


Allow customers to see the product before making the payment to avoid charge-backs.

Cross-selling option

Allow customers to buy additional products from other online merchants using a single payment gateway.

Reduce your direct costs

Reduce your direct costs

Card processing can lead to new revenue opportunities for your business. But online payment systems can be vulnerable to online fraud and theft. Prevent fraud and minimize chargebacks knowing that automated processes are at work behind the scenes to protect your business.

PCI DSS level 1 V 3.1

The highest level of security for your transactions and data.

Verified by Visa, MasterCard Secure Code

Safe payments for your customers.

Ethoca alerts

Get notifications about fraudulent transaction to minimize your chargeback ratio, as well as save money and time.

Start fighting fraud just after client login

Increase quality of your traffic: start fighting fraud, affiliate fraud and stop bot traffic even before payment

Covery 2.0

Fight more fraud and reduce manual overhead by up to 95%.

how it works

The fast and reliable Maxpay payment platform
will take online payments to the next level.

We give merchants the tools they need to quickly integrate and share data with other systems
while securely accepting online payments.

Easy to start

It is no longer about contracts that pile up on the table or long payment gateway integration.
Our documentation provides all the detail and instructions you need to get started right now.

  • Fast compliance approval
  • Multiple bank submission
  • Company incorporation under foreign jurisdictions
  • Opening and maintenance of foreign bank accounts
  • Quick procedures
  • Ready-to-use, copy-and-paste solution
  • Accept credit card payments with just a few lines of code.
  • 2 integration types available:
    • Host-to-host
    • Hosted payment page:
      Pop-up, iFrame or Redirect

Easy to operate


Dashboards and reports

Complete flexible reports to track and analyze your business's main KPI’s



Choose convenient payout schedule and your revenue will be transferred to your bank account automatically


Daily operations monitor

We proactively monitor all your daily operations to help avoid issues

Accessible support


Open new MID in a few clicks!

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Simple and transparent pricing


Starting with 1,5% depending on your business model and transaction volume

Transactional fee

0,2 Euro per transaction

Discounts based on revenue

The more you process, the less you pay


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